Metsä Tissue cuts production of recycled paper due to lack of raw material

Metsa Tissue mill Mariestad
The Metsa Tissue mill in Mariestad, Sweden

Metsä Tissue has revealed that is has had to cut production of recycled paper because it cannot source enough recovered fibre.

Instead, the company is having to use fresh fibre at its mill in Mariestad in Sweden.


In a statement, the company said that the availability of waste paper for the production of tissue paper exists in Europe due to high demand for newspaper grades from the packaging industry, as well as the sharp decline in use of office paper.

Metsä Tissue senior vice president, Nordics Jani Sillanpää said: “The challenges with the availability of recycled paper do not come as a surprise to us, but the situation is accelerating faster than expected.

“The good thing is that we can still guarantee a good availability of high-quality fresh fibre tissue, which our Lambi products are made of.”

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