New Alan Turing Institute to research Big Data benefits for efficient manufacturing and services


Chancellor George Osborne announced the creation of the Alan Turing Institute in the 2014 Budget that will research the use of Big Data and how this can benefit manufacturing processes.

A total of £42 million will be invested over five years in creating the institute named after the World War II Bletchley code breaker.


Although not a huge amount of detail has been revealed as yet, resource efficiency is likely to be a part of its research as Big Data will be required to make manufacturing more resource efficient.

The Budget document said: “This [the Alan Turing Institute] will be a national institute which will undertake new research in ways of collecting, organising and analysing large sets of data (Big Data). Big Data analysis can allow businesses to enhance their manufacturing processes, target their marketing better, and provide more efficient services.”

A tender will be issued to house the institute this year. This could be a new facility or could be housed in an existing university.

BIS will be the department responsible for the institute.