New data shows that young people are failing to recycle in Wales 


Data has emerged from Recycle for Wales depicting that the older generation in Wales are more organised when it comes to recycling. 

Over four in ten millennials between the age of 18-34 want to be good recyclers, but 19% do not follow both the guidelines or give a thought to what is being thrown away.  


As part of a campaign to get young people to recycle, Recycle for Wales has been advising young people at festivals about what they can and can’t recycle.  

Recycle for Wales campaign manager Angela Spiteri said: “Wales is leading the way when it comes to recycling. The overall recycling rate is 64%, which is the third highest in the world, second highest in Europe and highest in the UK – but we want to be number one. 

Young people want to be the best recyclers, but at the moment, they’re aspiring to that rather than being it. We know young adults want to know how recycling makes a difference.  

“We all get things wrong from time to time – but a little bit of effort can go a long way. Increasing the amount of items that go into recycling instead of landfill will have a huge effect on the environment- and there are lots of little tips that can help us remember what is and isn’t recyclable.” 

Recycle for Wales have provided top tips:  

  • Is it bottle-shaped? Recycle. 

  • Aerosol products have the biggest room for improvement. 

  • Recycling shampoo, conditioner, perfume and shower gel bottles would make a huge impact on recycle rates.