New Earth Solutions commissions pyrolysis and gasification plant


NEAT Technology Group has successfully delivered its first energy recovery facility based on its own patented pyrolysis and gasification advanced conversion technology (ACT).

As the thermal technology unit of New Earth Solutions, NEAT has supplied the facility alongside its existing 250,000 tonnes per year Avonmouth mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plant.


Refuse derived fuel from the MBT plant will be used to power the facility.

NEAT business development director Graham Lockyer said: “We see this not only as a breakthrough for NEAT, but for the whole of the advanced thermal waste-to-energy market. The Avonmouth facility proves that pyrolysis and gasification is effective at a commercial scale.

“We started hot commissioning the plant in February and since then we have successfully processed 10,000 tonnes of prepared RDF with a cumulative total of over 10,000 operational hours across eight modular Phase 1 thermal units.

“We are now generating renewable energy to the grid and New Earth’s MBT is running on electricity produced from waste it processed just hours before.”