New partnership launched to reduce clothing waste across Europe


Made-BY, in partnership with Reverse Resources, has launched an initiative for the European clothing sector with the hope of reducing clothing waste across Europe.

A new report from the European Clothing Action Plan, has found that manufacturers that are producing textiles and clothes for many of the world’s leading fashion brands and retail stores are “spilling” an average of 25% of virgin material resources, much higher than previously predicted.  


Spilling is the leftover material after clothes have been manufactured.

This figure has been supported by other organisations within this field, including WRAP, and opens a need for discussion around the management of textile leftovers, much of which is treated as waste.

According to MADE-BY, the project will have direct benefits for the participants and will develop lessons for the wider industry.

 The primary target for the initiative are European apparel brand and retailers, as well as suppliers in Asia and Europe.

As part of the project, the company has said it will measure material leftovers, explore the ways to decrease the spillage rate and identify recycling and re-manufacturing solutions to ensure leftovers avoid landfill and incineration.

MADE-BY senior consultant Ria Kearney said: “We are delighted to partner with Reverse Resources to better understand the current situation in regard to material leftovers and to trial and test practical innovations to improve current practices. This is a largely unexplored topic, and the project findings will be shared across the clothing sector in order to support the broader move towards circularity.” 

This initiative is part of the European Clothing Action Plan, a project to extend the lifecycle of clothing.