New practical report launched to help businesses become resource efficient


A new report from Burges Salmon and LRS has been launched that gives businesses practical support for them to become more resource efficient.

The report will help businesses that are just beginning to look at how resource efficiency can help them, but will also give new ideas to companies and organisations that have already begun the journey.


It gives case studies showing how other companies have looked at their supply chains and their own businesses to ensure resource efficient improvement. But it also helps companies to understand what they should consider in terms of materials security and energy efficiency.

LRS Consultancy managing director Dee Moloney said: “Resource efficiency makes good business sense. Businesses that are looking to their future should work with their supply chain partners now to understand their collective risks and opportunities and take actions to ensure they remain economically, environmentally and socially sustainable in tough economic times.

“Fully circular or closed loop supply chains are often seen as the model in terms of resource efficiency. However, in many cases less complex and lower cost approaches to improving resource efficiency can deliver huge benefits across the supply chain within relatively short timeframes.

“We wanted to produce a document that responds to our clients’ need to be able to access practical guidance on how to increase resource efficiency and protect themselves from resource related supply chain risks. We recognise that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution and have tried to demonstrate the importance of a range of approaches such as systems thinking, partnership, corporate leadership and good business practice.”

Burges Salmon partner Nick Churchward said: “At Burges Salmon and LRS, we believe that the efficient use of materials and energy is fundamental to helping organisations to respond to today’s market challenges, such as maintaining profitability, ensuring supply chain resilience and maximising the environmental and social sustainability of operation.”

View the report here