New UNTHA RDF shredder 50% more energy efficient


Global shredding company UNTHA has launched its new XR shredder series for alternative fuel production and bulky waste shredding.

The revolutionary modular design was conceived at UNTHA’s innovation centre in Kuchl, Austria.


It has been specifically engineered to shred untreated municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste and general bulky waste. With its ability to reduce energy consumption by 50 per cent compared to a typical hydraulic part shredder producing the same output size and tonnage, UNTHA estimate that the shredder could save over £500,000 in energy costs over its lifetime.

The XR is powered by the new UNTHA Eco Drive that uses water-cooled synchronous motors, rather than a conventional electro-hydraulic operation.

Depending on the energy from waste scenario, the XR can be supplied with a ripping mechanism for tearing untreated waste, or a more refined cutting concept for precision shreds. Operators can predetermine their particle size with the help of interchangeable screens and screen bars, to produce a homogenous fraction as small as 50mm or as large as 400mm.

UNTHA UK sales director and waste to energy consultant Marcus Brew said: “We are incredibly proud of the fact that the new XR provides the most cost-effective way to achieve a 50mm output, at high throughputs, in a single pass. But it is incredibly flexible too – clients can configure and reconfigure the technology according to their evolving customer specifications, which will protect their investment in this shredder for years to come.

“We’re trying to break the mould, and achieve benefits that customers perhaps didn’t think possible. The XR has taken years to develop in our innovation centre in Kuchl, Austria, but the result is something we think will revolutionise the way people produce RDF or pre-shred waste for SRF.”