Norfolk launches fourth consultation on Kings Lynn EfW


Another public consultation on the plans for the Kings Lynn waste-to-energy facility has been launched and will last for three weeks.

Officials say the consultation is needed to assess new information submitted by the consortium hoping to build the £500 million plant. 


The latest consultation relates to information submitted by the Cory Wheelabrator consortium about incinerator bottom ash (IBA), one of the by-products of the waste-to-energy process, as well as the transport and landscaping impacts of the proposed development.

Previously aired concerns have been raised again over suggestions the consortium were seeking permission to import IBA to be processed on the plant if built. 

Consortium spokesman John Boldon insisted there were no plans to ship IBA to the plant. 

A planned recycling facility would be solely used to process the product created on site.

He said: “We have confirmed this point with the Environment Agency (EA) and Norfolk county council and any planning permission or environmental permit would reflect this.”