Novelis completes £1.7 million upgrade programme at Warrington recycling plant


The Novelis aluminium can recycling plant in Warrington has completed an upgrade that enables it to separate better plastic contamination.

Since September 2012, the rotorshredder equipment has improved processing volumes by more than 250 per cent. This enables the plant to produce the 90 per cent recycled aluminium evercan body sheet that was recently launched.


The rotorshredder works in conjunction with a pre-existing optical sorting system to clear contaminated UBCs, leading to efficiencies for other processes and improvements in production levels.

As a result, the plant is better able to handle fully mixed material.

Novelis Warrington plant manager Brian McCallie said: “This investment brings an increased ability to process material from local sources and will make a big impact on our UK operations.

“It’s also an important step towards reaching Novelis’ goal of increasing the recycled content of our products across our global operations to 80 per cent by 2020.”