Over 50,000 tonnes of PVC to be recycled in 2011 in UK


More PVC should be recycled in the UK this year than in 2010 according to Recovinyl.

This year, over 50,000 tonnes of PVC should be recycled compared to 49,343 in 2010, according to Recovinyl’s UK agent Axion Polymers.


Recovinyl, which looks to encourage PVC recycling across Europe, has a target to reuse 800,000 tonnes of the material across Europe by 2020 and mechanically recycle 700,000 tonnes building on previous Vinyl 2010 targets.

Axion Consulting project manager Jane Gardner said: “While these targets are ambitions, Recovinyl has demonstrated proven success under Vinyl 2010, particularly in the UK which, as a star performer, has contributed 20 per cent of overall EU PVC recycling so far.

“Recovinyl has been a tremendous boost for the PVC industry in promoting sustainability of PVC-U, which can be recycled many times without losing performance. Encouraging more companies to recycle, rather than landfill, their PVC waste has great economic and environmental benefits.”