Over 6,000 tonnes of carpet diverted from landfill in 2012 by Carpet Recycling UK members


Manufacturing members of Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK) diverted 99 per cent of carpet from landfill in 2012.

As a result, 6,049 tonnes of waste carpet offcuts from the production process avoided landfill. Of this, 5,241 tonnes was recycled and 808 tonnes was sent to energy recovery.


CRUK director Laurance Bird said: “This is a fantastic achievement and testament to the supreme efforts made by our UK-based manufacturers in diverting materials from UK landfill sites, with the obvious benefits in resource recovery and reduced environmental impact.

“This illustrates that new outlets and innovative end uses for recycled carpet waste are developing all the time. There is a lot of entrepreneurial spirit willing to turn waste carpet into a new raw material resource.”

Uses for waste carpet from production processes include closed loop recovery of raw materials for use in new products, fibre recovery for use in non-woven goods, PP recovery for use in plastics as well as equestrian surface fibre enhancement.