Packaging News Story : scrap-ex adds PRNs to commodities trading


Newly formed packaging material trading firm Scrap-ex is increasing its product offering by adding packaging recovery notes (PRNs) to its trading platform.

Duncan Ferguson and Gareth Goodall set up Scrap-ex last summer in a bid to promote secondary materials as commodities, rather than waste, on the back of their combined 25 years’ experience in commodities trading.


They started out trading in a wide variety of grades of used glass, metals, paper and plastics and have now introduced PRNs.

Director of markets Goodall told Packaging News: “Initially we wanted to see if our platform worked for secondary commodities. As we were speaking to people involved in the market, we found a lot worked with PRNs and so we decided to add them to the platform.”

Goodall added a team of people contactable backed up the company’s online trading platform by telephone.

“The platform has been very successful in other markets and we are confident it will bring a new and exciting trading dimension to PRNs,” he said.

Carbon Reduction Commitments will also be listed as product on the platform from the middle of the year.

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