Paper main mover upwards from UK domestic demand


The price of paper is up on this week’s scrap-ex price report, but most materials are flat.

Cardboard/KLS is priced at £122 to £128 from £120 to £126 a week ago. News and pams has picked up a little to £116 to £122 from £114 to £120 a week ago.


As a result, mixed papers have also increased to £102 to £112 from last week’s £98 to £108. Domestic demand has pushed up the price of these grades.

Plastics are largely flat with natural PET bottles at £335 to 3385 from £330 to £390 last week. HDPE milk bottles are up just a touch at the top end at £380 to £420 from £380 to £415 last week.

Copper dry bright is down a touch reflecting drops on the LME to £4,675 to £5,100 from £4,730 to £5,150 a week ago.

Ferrous grade 0A is at £250 to £290 compared to £255 to £300 last week. Aluminium UBCs are down to £925 to £1,025 from £950 to £1,050 a week ago.