Paul Briggs to retire at the end of August


Mark Lyndon Paper Enterprises UK managing director Paul Briggs is to retire at the end of August.

He has taken the difficult decision to retire after spending all of his working life in the recovered fibre industry, having worked his way up from driving a van to becoming the managing director of Mark Lyndon.


Paul Briggs said: “I’ve loved every minute I have worked in the paper industry since I left school. It has been a pleasure working in a sector with so many characters and where you can trust people and know a deal will be honoured.

“I managed to save the best until last though by setting up Mark Lyndon Paper Enterprises UK in 2007 and turning it into the biggest recovered paper exporter within four years.

“The team here in Nottingham have been amazing to work with, and it has been great to work for a Chinese company that is entrepreneurial, not at all bureaucratic and has let me get on with the job.

“I’m going to miss everyone I have worked with here and in the wider industry. But now is a good time to move on when I am at an age where I can spend more time with the grandkids, as well as do some of the things I have wanted to do in life, but have been too busy purchasing recovered paper and networking.”

Colin Clarke who joined Mark Lyndon last year from DS Smith will succeed Paul as Managing Director on 1 September 2016.

Mark Lyndon Paper Enterprises UK was formed in October 2007 and opened its office in Nottingham in January 2008.

Since then it has become the biggest exporter of recovered fibre, sending over 1.5 million tonnes of high-quality recycled fibre to the Lee & Man paper mills in China.