Plastics from the sea to be recycled at Closed Loop Recycling


Environmental cleaning products firm Ecover and Closed Loop Recycling have launched an initiative that will see plastics collected around the UK seas by EU fisherman sent for recycling at Closed Loop Recycling’s Dagenham facility.

The initiative has led to Closed Loop Recycling undertaking trials with Ecover for a new type of plastic using rHDPE, plantastic and the waste marine plastic that is collected as part of the project.


Closed Loop Recycling chief executive Chris Dow said: “It’s great that a large producer such as Ecover is taking such a futuristic view on packaging, showing true commitment to designing on shelf product with recycling in mind.”

Ecover chief executive Philip Malmberg added: “As manufacturers, we’ve got to take responsibility for sustainability very seriously – to take real action on climate change and the damage done by our over-reliance on fossil fuels, creating ‘green’ products that deliver more than a nod to sustainability.”