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PM23 machine at Lee & Man Paper mill in Malaysia commissioned

Lee Man PM23 Malaysia
Celebrations for the commissioning of the Lee & Man PM23 machine in Malaysia

The PM23 papermaking machines at Lee & Man Paper’s mill in Malaysia has been commissioned, according to its manufacturer.

Huazhang Techhnology announced that it had completed the installation of the line and will now seek to install the PM25 and PM26 machines. Lee & Man Paper has also invested in a PM27 machine at the same site.

The company announced the mill in October 2018 and said at the time that it would produce 700,000 tonnes of paper and 550,000 tonnes of pulp.

This mill is located at Selangor in Malaysia and is situated close to the port, from where most of the imported material that will supply the mill will be sourced.

From the UK, Winfibre provides cardboard and paper to Lee & Man Paper.


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