Price of OCC and mixed paper falls, while recycled plastics stay stable


This week’s Resource Efficient Business Intelligence report shows a fall in the value of both OCC and mixed paper.

But after three weeks of significant price falls, plastics prices did not fall any further for now.


OCC dropped by £3 per tonne and mixed paper saw the same price fall.

The price of recycled plastics didn’t fall any further with some key grades seeing more than £100 per tonne coming off over the past three weeks.

However, there is uncertainty in the market about whether this stability is just a temporary lull.

Resource Efficient Business editorial director Paul Sanderson said: “It isn’t clear as yet whether a floor has been reached for materials such as PET or HDPE bottles. But there is a view in the market that £40 to £60 may come off LDPE 98/2 in the coming weeks, possibly as early as this week.”

Price changes were also seen for ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

The value of certain PRNs has also changed with plastic PRNs gaining around £24 in the last couple of weeks since the new compliance period began.

This week also saw the monthly update of our export demand guide to include February, March and April.

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