PRN market continues to be volatile for recycled plastics


Last week’s Intelligence pricing and analysis report showed the continued volatility for plastic PRNs.

Over the last three weeks, the plastic PRN has lost around £30 per tonne, then gained £20 per tonne, and then fell again by £15 per tonne.


This didn’t impact on prices too much last week, as other factors helped to maintain current prices, but it could have an impact in future weeks. However, as we enter into the transitional period for the 2016 compliance year, it could be that things may start to settle.

Otherwise, paper grades were stable last week, although the underlying picture was a bit more nuanced with competing factors effectively leading the market to no change.

If one of these factors wins out, then price falls or price rises may be seen in coming weeks.

Metals continue to be decimated by the commodity price crashes with all losing value last week.

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