Recycling prices and market commentary: 10 March 2023

LDPE film

Frosty winds are blowing across the market at the moment, with trading volumes reported as low again across most materials.

There isn’t a huge supply of material, but there isn’t a huge appetite either.


This means that some are waiting in the hope that prices will fall, while others are hoping the supply and demand balance will fall in their favour and prices will rise.

The only heat in the market remains in the PRN/PERN one where prices are moving up and down on a weekly basis – for plastics especially.

In the currency markets, the pound was unchanged on this time last week at $1.19 compared to the dollar, and was slightly improved by 1 cent to €1.13 against the euro.

Recycled plastics

It was again the PRN/PERN that dominated discussions.

After losing around £75 per tonne last week, the plastic PRN/PERN gained back £60 of that this week.

This helped to push prices back up that had fallen last week.

Underlying prices for packaging grades actually remain quite stable, but are being buffeted about by the added value given by the PRN/PERN.

Recycled paper

There was no change in the value of all grades this week, but that was because not much traded.

Indeed, most now think the market will still have low trading volumes until people begin buying for April. Even then, there isn’t a huge amount of confidence that a lot will be available and there will be lots of orders around.

For the time being, it is a market that has bursts of activity and then settles down for the rest of the month.

Those who are registered for PRN/PERNs found there was a couple of extra quid to be had in this market this week.

Recycled metals

Brass gained £50 per tonne and ferrous grades £5 per tonne in an otherwise stable market.

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