Recycling prices and market commentary: 9 June 2023


Markets remain tough for paper grades and plastics especially, but there was a little bit of respite from the PRN/PERN market this week.

At the time of writing and with the next NPWD monthly data due, both paper and plastics PRN/PERNs had increased in value.


This helped to provide some support to grades that are able to claim for their packaging content, that would otherwise have seen static or falling prices.

There remains a great deal of uncertainty out there with nobody quite sure which way the market will head for the rest of the year and whether to be pessimistic that prices may fall further, or optimistic that recent weeks have been a correction and the market will see prices rise again.

Against the dollar, the pound ended the week unchanged at $1.25 and €1.16 with the euro.

Recycled plastics

An increase in the value of the PRN/PERN up to another £30 or so helped to provide some support to a tough market for almost all grades of plastics.

Getting orders is tough at the moment, and while film is moving, there isn’t a huge amount of demand for it and some buyers are not active at the moment. For PET, the market is very quiet indeed. Buyers of HDPE retain some interest but even this is steady.

Underlying prices are largely static at the moment, but the increase in the PRN/PERN helped push up physical prices this week.

Recycled paper

It was another quiet week for OCC and those orders that were out there tended to be at a lower value than last week.

Despite a £5 or £6 rise in the value of the paper PRN/PERN, this wasn’t enough to prevent prices falling as the underlying value of the material dropped. The question will now be whether the PRN/PERN continues to rise and whether that helps to bring in more demand for UK OCC from abroad. Next week may bring more clarity on this.

Mixed was static and has now been at this same value for around three weeks.

Deink grades have fallen in recent weeks like much of the rest of the market.

Recycled metals

Metals are performing more strongly that other materials with copper and brass grades both gaining £150 per tonne this week. Aluminium increased by £50 per tonne.

Ferrous grades saw another £5 added to their value.

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