Red Tape Challenge means businesses no longer need to report resource efficiency data


The Government no longer requires businesses that require an environmental permit to report data on resource efficiency.

From January 2014, these businesses no longer need to report data on energy, water and waste consumption after the Government removed the requirement as part of its Red Tape Challenge.


The Resource Efficiency Physical Index (REPI) required operators of a business in England and Wales that require an environmental permit to report this data to the Environment Agency each February along with reports of pollution emissions.

In a statement, the Environment Agency confirmed that the reporting of the data was no longer required. It said: “Under the Red Tape Challenge, it has been agreed that from January 2014, companies will no longer be required to routinely report resource efficiency data.

“Where it is mutually beneficial to collect resource efficiency data (eg to support negotiations on Best Available Techniques reference documents), we will explore options for doing so with the relevant trade associations.”

Environmental permits are required by a wide number of businesses including food and drink manufacturers, chemicals companies, intensive farms, refineries and waste facilities.