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Resource Association calls on Prime Minister to embrace ‘green collar Conservatism’


The Prime Miniser should reach out to the resources industry and seek to develop ‘green collar Conservatism’, according to the Resource Association.

Speaking at the Association’s annual general meeting of members held today in London, its chief executive Ray Georgeson highlighted the benefits of the green economy.

He said: “The Prime Minister has turned heads with his statement at the first Cabinet meeting of the new Government about embracing blue-collar Conservatism. We urge him to take this a stage further and rediscover his former zeal for environmental matters, but much more than simply environment, to turn his attention to green economic matters as well and turn his vision into one that we can call ‘green-collar Conservatism’.

“We know that in the resources sector, our ability to marry economy growth with good environmental performance is a record to be proud of and that we have so much potential to do even more with strong leadership and vision from Government.

“No longer are our issues the exclusive preserve of environmentalists – the green economy has consistently outperformed other parts of the economy on GDP increase and job creation and we urge the Prime Minister to embrace this and add green-collar Conservatism to his lexicon and his policy-making.

“With new and reappointed Ministers and Secretaries of State in Defra, DCLG and BIS, we hope that they will respond to the calls from our industry with renewed vigour and listen to our plea for clear and ambitious strategy for resources and the circular economy, most recently articulated by us in our Manifesto for Resources 2015. The opportunities are there, the prizes are great and we stand ready to respond with energy and investment to deliver much more ambitious resources and circular economy strategies if the Government is brave enough to lead the way.”

The meeting also saw the election of a new board, with interim chairman Peter Clayson of DS Smith confirmed as the full chairman.

Simon Walker of UPM and Paul Vanston of Kent Resource Partnernsip rejoined the board, while Mandy Kelly from Palm Recycling and Paul Smith from Coca-Cola Enterprises joined the board for the first time.

Stepping down were Eric Randall of Bryson Recycling and Chris Dow from Euro Closed Loop Recycling.