Resource efficiency and materials firm Ceram to become Lucideon


Staffordshire-based company Ceram has said that it will be changing its name to Lucideon.

The provider of resource efficiency services and materials testing and development, said that it was making the name change after making a number of acquisition in recent years and it needed to bring all of its brands under one identity.


It will change its name from 1 February including its business operations in the United States.

Lucideon chief executive Tony Kinsella said: “The name change will help bring all of our operations together under one identity and give us a strong base to move forward.

“As the group has acquired new interests, the range of different company names has become confusing for our clients.

“So we have come up with a single identity that will incorporate all of our businesses and which will reflect what we stand for as an organisation – independence, accuracy, creativity and responsiveness.”