Scotland should work with industry on new business waste proposals says The Recycling Association


Proposals in the Scottish Government’s Circular Economy Bill for business waste collection zones will be damaging to the recycling industry The Recycling Association has warned.

In its consultation, the Scottish Government has said it intends to introduce pilots of business waste zones, managed by local authorities, in 2024. After this point, it would look to introduce them across Scotland.


The Recycling Association chief executive Simon Ellin said: “These proposals by the Scottish Government are deeply concerning.

“Recently, we warned that similar plans to create zones in England had the potential to wipe out recycling and waste businesses that deal with commercial collections, and this would have the same effect in Scotland.

“In the case of Defra, working with other trade associations, we managed to convince them to review the policy on commercial collections as part of the Extended Producer Responsibility framework and a taskforce will be set up to come up with industry-led proposals by 2026/7.

“Commercial waste collections are not broken, and our Members in Scotland will not want to see zones that remove competition and ensure only those with the deepest resources are able to service these zones. This removes innovation, and the ability of all businesses to find efficiencies when providing collections to their customers.

“I will be responding to the consultation on behalf of our Members and suggesting that the Scottish Government works with the Defra taskforce to come up with new rules that protect the interests of our industry businesses, as well as allowing their customers to have efficient and low-cost collections.”

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