Scrap metal firm Dalton told to stop using woman’s bottom advert


Edinburgh scrap company Dalton Metal Recycling has been told by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to no longer use an advertisement featuring a woman’s bottom.

The advert, which shows a model crouching in low slung jeans and braces revealing the upper part of her bottom, was said by the ASA to be demeaning to women.


Three complaints were received by the ASA from the public about the advert that appeared on the side of the company’s lorries.

A statement from the ASA said: “The ASA considered that the image was not sexually explicit but that it was sexually provocative.

“We noted that the ad was for a scrap metal recycling company and that the image bore no relevance to the advertised service. We considered that the provocative image, and in particular the focus on the woman’s bottom, was seen as gratuitous and demeaning to woman.”