Smurfit Kappa signs deal with ESTL to cut supply chain and packaging waste


A partnership deal has been signed between Smurfit Kappa and supply chain engineers ESTL to cut down on the amount of packaging and supply chain waste.

The partners will work together to help brand owners to develop the most innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions.


They will use Smurfit Kappa’s supply chain optimisation tools, such as Pack Expert that analyses over 20,000 supply chains annually, and ESTL’s transportation tests to ensure the product arrives safely with the purchaser without unnecessary over-packing.

With 4 per cent of all goods damaged on arrival, the partnership will aim to cut this waste while also ensuring that the appropriate level of packaging is used so that it is not excessively packaged.

Smurfit Kappa vice president of marketing, research and development Arco Berkenbosch said: “By combining our expertise with ESTL, we will uncover ground-breaking insights on transport security and logistics optimisation to help our customers’ businesses.

“The partnership will enable customers to develop end to end packaging solutions safe in the knowledge that it will deliver on all levels – from safe transportation during the supply chain, through to attracting shoppers on the shelf – while also saving costs on minimising product damage and reducing unnecessary packaging waste.”

ESTL president of the packaging department Jelle Dendauw added: “We are very excited to be partnering with Smurfit Kappa to offer their customers the capability to take a holistic view of their entire supply chain and their associated packaging needs.

“We give customers a neutral and independent point of view on how they can optimise their pallet load stability and reduce damaged products and waste.”