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Stadler employee’s PhD to help UK glass recycling


A PhD thesis completed by an employee of Stadler Engineering could benefit UK glass recycling.

The thesis by Stadler global technical manager Dr Benjamin Eule has looked at glass collected in commingled collections and how to ensure it is collected as a valuable product while reducing its potential to contaminate other recyclates and mitigate plant damage.

As a result of the information gathered through field work and the analysis of case studies undertaken in the UK, it provides the basis for the development of an optimised approach for commingled recyclate with glass.

Stadler UK sales manager Trevor Smart said: “Stadler’s involvement with the development and refurbishment of MRFs means that we are always looking for better ways of processing the recyclate while protecting the equipment and infrastructure. The work Ben did for this thesis is something we can incorporate when delivering waste management solutions to our clients.”

Ben, who is based at Ashford in Kent, added: “I hope that my work will go some way to develop and improve the recycling and recovery performances of UK MRFs and also alleviate the damage that glass can do to a recycling plant and to enable processors to produce higher quality glass for recycling.”

He received his doctorate from Aachen University in Germany with the thesis called Processing of Commingled Recycled Material at UK Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs).