Sustainable use of natural resources part of proposed Scottish constitution


If Scotland votes for independence in September, then a sustainable use of natural resources may be part of a proposed constitution.

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on a draft constitution for an independent Scotland that includes a section on the environment.


In this section, the proposed constitution says:

“The Environment

(1) Every person is entitled to live in a healthy environment,

(2) Accordingly, and in recognition of the importance of the environment to the people of Scotland, the Scottish Government and public authorities, must, in carrying out their functions, seek to protect and enhance the quality of the environment

(3) In particular, they must seek to promote-

(a) the conservation of biodiversity.

(b) measures to tackle climate change.


Natural resources


 Scotland’s natural resources are to be used in a manner which is-

(a) best calculated to be sustainable, and

(b) of economic, social, environmental or other benefit to the people of Scotland.”