Swedish Plastic Recycling set to open ‘world’s largest’ plastic recycling plant


A 200,000 tonnes per year mixed plastic recycling plant is set to be opened in November by Swedish Plastic Recycling.

Believed to be the world’s largest plastic recycling facility, it will be 60,000 square metres in size. It will be capable of sorting 1,000 pieces of plastic packaging every second using near-infrared sensors, lasers and camera technology.


As a result, it can sort 12 different types of plastic at the same time.

Swedish Plastic Recycling chief executive Mattias Philipsson said: “Site Zero exceeds all expectations; we are now entering a new era of plastic recycling.

“This plant will be the driving force for the transition that needs to be made worldwide to significantly reduce climate impact and the need for fossil plastic raw materials, and to make plastics part of the circular economy.”