The International Aluminium Institute launches tool to visualise value chain from bauxite to scrap


A new web-based tool has been launched by the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) that shows how aluminium moves through the value chain.

Including inter-regional flows of raw materials and final products, the mass flow visualisations allows users to see the production, consumption and trade of bauxite, alumina, ingots (primary and recycled), semis, final products and scrap across nine regions between 1962 and 2014.


Among the data shown is that in 2004 there were 15 million tonnes of scrap aluminium available, but by 2014, this scrap availability had increased to 26 million tonnes.

European Aluminium Recycling Division chair Roland Scharf-Bergmann said: “The mass-flow visualisation, built on data shared with IAI from industrial partners along the aluminium value chain and across the world, underlines the excellent cooperation within the aluminium industry and its openness to sharing knowledge and data with stakeholders globally.”