Tory MPs launch resource efficiency commission


A group of Conservative MPs have launched a commission that will investigate how best to shape the UK’s economy for the future by improving productivity, tackling waste and making the best use of resources.

The 2020 Productivity and Efficiency Commission is backed by Conservative MPs Laura Sandys, David Ruffey, Nicola Blackwood, Stephen Barclay, Claire Perry and Conservative peer Baroness Wheatcroft.


Laura Sandys, who is chairing the commission, said: “We need to emerge from the global downturn with a new economic model that is designed to deal with the fast moving challenges of the 21st century. We cannot emerge from this downturn with an old economic model – we need to put competitiveness, productivity and resilience at the heart of our renewal.

“I am confident that the Commission will be putting forward some innovative policy proposals that will outline a modern vision for the future of the UK economy when we publish our final report in November.”

Chancellor George Osborne is also backing the commission. He said: “We want the UK to have the fittest, most productive economy when the global recovery starts to gain pace, with the policies in place to drive up productivity, tackle waste in our economy, ensure the best use of resources and raw materials and significantly reduce energy waste.

“I look forward to hearing innovative ideas and new thinking for a fitter economy designed for the future.”

The commission will be investigating, among other policies, new metrics around waste reduction, optimisation of assets from secondary markets, waste through badly designed products and waste reduction.