TV star Johnny Ball wants energy from waste plant in his back yard


Energy from waste plants are “wonderful” according to TV maths star Johnny Ball and he would like to see one built near to him.

The 74-year-old lives in Buckinghamshire would even like to see one near to where he lives.


He said: “They are so healthy and clean that they are wonderful. We get all this energy from burning our waste.

“I have a sprawling landfill site two miles from my home and I asked the council to build an incinerator instead.

 “Almost every European country with the exception of the UK, have long realised that one good way to cut down the burning of fossil fuels is to burn waste instead. Waste is free in that we have to collect it anyway.”

He also criticised campaign groups against energy from waste plants adding: “The campaigners have got nothing to worry about, nothing at all. These people are really fanatical and there’s no recourse for going around scaring people.”

Johnny Ball was commenting on the energy from waste facility that is to be built in Gloucestershire at Javelin Park by Urbaser Balfour Beatty.