Valpak sells Preston recycling facility to new business


A recycling facility belonging to Valpak has been sold to JWS Lancashire Limited supported by JWS Recycling Services (JWS).

The materials recycling facility operated by Valpak Recycling (North West) Limited was bought by Valpak so that it could provide services to its members and customers and to gain experience of the physical operations within the waste management sector. It also provided a platform to increase the production of plastic PRNs should the packaging targets rise significantly.


Valpak chief executive Steve Gough said: “We have always viewed Preston as a strategic corporate asset to deliver service to customers and members and provide a platform for increasing the number of plastic PRNs available to the marketplace as the targets rise. We believe that the packaging targets set by the Government out to 2017 are very challenging indeed and will require both increases in participation by consumers and for industry to be able to extract more recycling out of streams currently going to landfill.

“We are delighted that we have been able to work with the newly formed business JWSL that has been specifically set up to secure a stream of 40,000  tonnes per annum of plastic rich material currently destined for landfill and to divert it to recycling or recovery markets. Our Preston facility provided a good base for this project. We have therefore agreed to sell the site to JWSL and have secured access to any PRNs generated going forwards. We will also continue to use the site to service our national accounts and have highest confidence that service levels will be maintained and the transition will be seamless.”

JWS managing director Robin Tweedale said: “We have been working very closely with the Valpak staff at the Preston site to ensure that service levels are maintained and to prepare the site for the new material we have secured. We have been impressed with the professionalism of the staff on site and the commitment that Valpak has shown to support the project to help meet the future packaging targets. We have also secured the smaller premises next to the Preston site to provide extra space for the extra material coming to the site as the first part of the investment.”