Vietnam firm to introduce 1.5 billion PET bottle recycling line


Thanh Tai Gas Company is to build a PET recycling facility in Vietnam that it says will be able to recycle 1.5 billion PET bottles.

It will be constructed using US firm Bepex International’s BePET technology.


Bepex International president and chief executive Ralph Imholte said: “BePET cost-effectively recycles PET plastic flake while simultaneously controlling final product quality. Our new system can help the industry move towards greater sustainability by making the resulting recycled PET flake more cost effective and useable in more ways than other current PET recycling systems offer.”

The company says this system is unique because it allows the processing plant operator to control both the decontamination of the plastic as well as product intrinsic viscosity. This means that the line can be adjusted to create rPET that could be used for fleeces or carpets or to create food packaging.

Thanh Tai hopes to have the first line operational by January 2012, with a second line planned shortly after.