Vietnam promising severe penalties for illegal waste imports

Vo Tuan Nhan

Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has said that it has drafted a new decree that will lead to severe penalties for those that violate its waste import laws.

Although not yet published, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Vo Tuan Nhan set out the measures that will be included in the Decree on Sanctioning of Administrative Violations in the Field of Environmental Protection.


He said that the draft decree contains what acts as an environmental violation, new environmental permit regulations, and acts that violate regulations on waste management.

It also includes new measures and penalties to deal with the import of raw materials and scrap materials, he said.

The comprehensive decree will increase penalties for a wide range of violations of Vietnamese environmental laws and will update the Law on Environmental Protection 2020.

Vietnam’s Ministry Inspectorate has now been assigned to review the new provisions, discuss new proposals on the form of sanctions, and put forward remedial requirements for when violations have taken place.

It isn’t as yet clear when Vietnam expects this decree to become law.

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