Viridor completes £25 million investment in West Sussex


Recycling and waste management company Viridor has finished its £25 million investment programme in West Sussex recycling infrastructure.

The revamped East Grinstead recycling site is the final project in a seven-year programme to deliver a network of modern recycling facilities across the county.


The investment programme has included its state-of-the-art materials recycling facility at Ford, a new household waste recycling centre and improvements at six others. There has also been a new transfer station in Lancing.

Viridor regional director for West Sussex Richard Jenkins said: “We work with local authorities throughout the UK to maximise their recycling opportunities.

“Through our partnership with West Sussex County Council, we’re on track to meet our contract target of a 45 per cent recycling rate for the county three years ahead of schedule.

“The new recycling sites can accept a whole range of household items. From hairdryers to engine oil, children’s bikes to hairdryers. You name it, we can probably recycle it.”