Volkswagen on track to reduce energy, water and waste by 25% by 2018


Car manufacturer Volkswagen has revealed that more than 2,700 environmental projects have been completed on the way to meeting 2018 targets.

The company wants to reduce its energy and water consumption, as well as its share in waste, CO2 and solvent emissions at all Volkswagen plants throughout the world by 2018.


In total, 5,000 individual measures will be taken to meet these goals by 2018.

Volkswagen has become 17 per cent environmentally more efficient over the past three years.

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The company brought together 250 people from across its plants to host a ‘Think Blue. Factory.’ day in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand member of the board responsible for components Werner Neubauer said: “Our employees have breathed life into the ‘Think Blue. Factory.’ programme and implemented it with considerable commitment right from the outset. This explains the successes that we have already achieved.”