Weightron Bilanciai launches wireless weighbridge systems


A cost saving wireless system has been launched by Weightron Bilanciai that is designed to make it easier to install weighbridges at established sites.

Although installing weighbridges is often straightforward, on some occasions it might be necessary to place the weight indicator remotely away from the weighbridge at another part of the site.


The DIZIG/IP wireless transmission system means that underground cables are not needed, which means avoiding time consuming and disruptive civil engineering works.

The Weightron system uses a robust and secure 2.4Ghz radio transmission to send bi-directional data between the weighbridge and the weight indicator. The installation comprises the weights and measures approved DZIG/IP radio transmission system, in conjunction with the DILink digital junction box mounted at the weighbridge and the D800 weight indicator.

Both of these are connected to their respective transmitter and receiver via a standard RS232 serial link. It is available with transmission distances ranging from 150m up to 1500m.

To complete the remote system capabilities, Weightron can also provide wireless operated traffic lights and control barriers.

It also has the benefit that it is easy to relocate or replace if the weighbridge is surface mounted with steel ramps.