Welsh report shows which companies local authorities send their recyclate to


The Welsh Government has issued a report that shows the destinations of recyclate collected by its local authorities.

Although the report lists the businesses to which the materials have been sent for processing or recycling, it does not show any further destination. So although some local authorities have used export companies, these are listed as the final destination.


During the six months from October 2010 to March 2011, SKM Enviros undertook the survey for the Welsh Government.

Welsh Environment Minister John Griffiths said: “Wales has the highest recycling rate of any UK country and publication of a report like this shows people what happens to their waste. Next year, local authorities will have to recycle 52 per cent of waste to comply with new Welsh Government statutory targets.”

Pembrokeshire council was found to have sent material furthest with an average of over 220 miles before being processed, while Vale of Glamorgan sent its waste on average under 10 miles.

Many councils were listed as sending glass to Nationwide Recycling in South Wales, which went into liquidation last year, after the time period of the publication.  

Download the report below.