WRAP framework for greater consistency in household recycling will improve quality says The Recycling Association


The Recycling Association has welcomed the publication of The Framework for Greater Consistency in Household Recycling in England as it believes it will help to ensure better quality material for recycling.

On the same day as The Recycling Association launched its Quality First campaign, WRAP’s framework will make it much easier to help educate consumers about what can and can’t be recycled and therefore improve quality, according to The Recycling Association chief executive Simon Ellin.


He said: “The idea that everyone could be recycling the same set of core materials no matter where they live in England by 2025 will be a significant boost to the recycling industry, if it is adopted.

“WRAP’s own recent tracker survey found that 66% of people contaminate because they are unsure whether a material can be recycled or not, but hope it will be. It is no wonder that material quality suffers when people are confused about what can and can’t be recycled.

“As part of the advisory group that worked with WRAP on developing this framework, we believe it will improve quality because, by having a core set of materials that can be recycled in England, people will be able to make better, more informed decisions about which bin to put their materials into. 

“But it should also mean that there will be more responsibility throughout the supply chain with local government, the recycling industry, retailers and brands all involved in developing this framework.

“If every part of the supply chain works together to communicate the best way to recycle to ensure quality, then quality is bound to improve. 

“At The Recycling Association, we are putting quality first, and we want to see this framework adopted to ensure it happens.”