WRAP launches guide on household rigid plastic packaging collections


New guidance for local authorities on collecting rigid plastic packaging has been launched by WRAP.

Around 90 per cent of rigid plastic packaging is not recycling currently, despite studies showing that householders are keen to recycle this material.


The guidance covers everything from the expectations of materials recycling facilities, and plastics recycling facilities, to what vehicle to use for collection and communications.

WRAP head of collections and quality Linda Crichton said: “We know householders want to recycle more of their plastic packaging and that increasing numbers of local authorities want to collect it, the challenge is to collect and recycle it effectively without reducing the quality and value of the plastic bottle stream.

“Our new guide and communications materials launched today provide information on how to collect these materials, and how to communicate with householders to ensure these materials are recycled as effectively as possible.

“It is important that local authorities only collect non-bottle rigid plastics if they have access to the facilities to sort and reprocess them. If non-bottle plastics are simply added to the plastic bottle recycling stream without the sorting infrastructure in place, they will become a contaminant and probably end up in landfill. WRAP’s guide aims to help local authorities to maximise the value of the plastic packaging streams they collect for recycling.”