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100% of PET bottles to be recycled by Indian drinks giant

Parle Agro managing director Nadia Chauhan has launched a PET bottle recycling scheme in India

Indian soft drinks manufacturer Parle Agro is to invest in a programme that will aim to recycle 100% of PET bottles it places in the country.

The company, which is one of the largest drinks manufacturers in India, will invest 500 million rupees (£5.6 million) in the next three years in an end-to-end PET plastic waste management programme.

It will work on the programme with the Indian Pollution Control Association and waste management company Nepra.

From October 2019, it aims to collect 50,000 tonnes of PET waste.

Parle Agro managing director and chief marketing officer Nadia Chauhan said that the company wants to help reduce reliance on imports of plastics.

She said: “Since India’s discarded PET availability is much less than the existing recycling capacity, it is important to address the plastic waste concern and ensure plastic is making its way to recycling centres, thus lowering dependence on imports.”

Parle Agro’s partner IPCO has a pan-Indian network for dry waste collection. It now collects 1,000 tonnes of PET per month.


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