Advance London launched to promote circular economy support for SMEs


SMEs in the capital will be able to get help and advice on the circular economy from new business support programme Advance London.

Opening in January, Advance London has been developed by the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB).


LWARB chief operating officer Wayne Hubbard said: “London is host to several circular economy leaders. The nature of the circular economy require collaboration throughout the supply chain and changes the way businesses interact with consumers.

“As more and more businesses go circular, new opportunities will emerge for SMEs to bring innovative solutions to overcome the challenges that businesses face in this transition.

“We want London to be a world leader in nurturing circular economy businesses.”

A team of business advisors will deliver a series of events, workshops and one-to-one business support to SMEs in London.

It will be a three-year programme that is jointly funded by the European Regional Development Fund and LWARB.