AI-driven OCC 12-month forecast prices now launched by Recycling Insights


Recycling data service Recycling Insights has launched 12-month forecast prices for the OCC cardboard grade.

Using artificial intelligence, Recycling Insights takes in a huge amount of data to produce a forecast for each month in the next year.


The launch of OCC follows this week’s development of 12-month forecast prices for LDPE 98/2.

Recycling Insights co-founder Paul Sanderson said: “Following on from our launch of year ahead forecast prices for LDPE 98/2, we have now produced 12-month forecasts for OCC. More materials will follow soon.

“With these forecast prices, those trading will be able to use this tool and their expertise to make better informed decisions on when is the time to maximise trades.

“It will also help companies forecast revenue, and help trading teams meet targets.”

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