New 12-month forecast prices for LDPE 98/2 on Recycling Insights. More key grades coming soon


Recycling Insights has launched 12-month forecast prices for LDPE 98/2 and other materials will follow soon.

The 12-month forecast provides an artificial intelligence (AI) driven guide for each month over the next year.


This enables companies to gain a better understanding of where material prices are likely to be next month, in three months, six months, nine months and at the end of the year.

By using these forecasts, along with their own expertise, companies can:

  • Give an indication to shareholders of forecasts in reporting periods
  • Use along with trading expertise to get a guide as to when prices are likely to rise and fall over the next year
  • Adjust trading patterns when economic and market factors change.

Recycling Insights co-founder Paul Sanderson said: “I am very excited to launched 12-month forecast prices for LDPE 98/2.

“Our artificial intelligence uses a wide range of economic and market data to come to an idea of where it believes the market will be over the next year.

“With machine learning technology, the algorithm improves over time, helping to develop better accuracy.

“This tool has the potential to give traders an edge on top of their own market expertise.”

For a free demonstration of Recycling Insights, click here.

Other key paper, plastic and metal 12-month forecast prices are in development and will be released upon completion.

Recycling Insights’ forecast prices are intended as a guide and Recycling Insights is not responsible for any commercial decisions made using these forecasts.

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