Axens and Toray Films Europe plan PET chemical recycling plant in France


Technologies firm Axens and plastic film company Toray Films Europe have announced plans for a PET chemical recycling plant in France.

It will be situated at Toray Films Europe’s existing facility at Saint-Maurice-de-Beynost and will handle 80,000 tonnes of difficult-to-recycle PET waste.


This feedstock will be converted using the chemical process into food grade PET chips.

The first phase is currently at the engineering phase with the aim of reaching 30,000 tonnes of production by the end of 2025.

A second phase will seek to reach full capacity by the end of the decade.

Axens vice president plastic circular economy Stéphane Fédou said: “Teaming up with Toray Films Europe, joining our competencies, provides a great opportunity to accelerate the industrial implementation of PET chemical recycling based upon our Rewind PET process.

“We believe it is more efficient, from a technical, social, economic and environmental point of view, to leverage existing expertise and assets and turn them to circular, rather than restarting from scratch. The feedback from brand owners is positive and supportive, and we are now focusing on securing the waste feedstock for the project.”

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