Axion creates frisbee for M&S from recycled beach plastic


Marks & Spencer is selling a frisbee made from plastics that have been collected from the beach.

Axion Polymers has processed 88kg of assorted plastics collected from six UK beaches last year, and after extensive testing by Axion, it was proved that this material such as small toys and bottle tops could be turned into new products.


It was then manufactured by Leicester-based Make a Material Difference and is on sale at six stores in coastal locations.

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Axion director Keith Freegard said: “We applaud M&S for its efforts. Plastic from litter back into new products is clearly an interesting approach, yet it’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the massive opportunity that exists to use recyclates from all sources – be that end of life products from waste disposal points or collected litter – in new consumer goods.

“Reduction in littering is a key issue, but just as important is the need for a wholesale shift to a circular flow of materials based around a strong UK economy where all plastics used for products are captured, efficiently reprocessed and reused for manufacturing new ones.

“We look forward to a future where more than 75 per cent of retailers’ products contain over 75 per cent recycled content from materials captured and manufactured within the UK and Europe.”

M&S director of Plan A Mike Barry added: “We’ve managed to transform waste, taking it off beaches where it threatens marine life, into a brand new product that is fun for our customers and raises money for the Marine Conservation Society’s (MCS) ongoing work to protect the seas. That’s Plan A in action, a volunteer event that engages customers, saves precious raw materials and gives back to charity – all with a business case behind it.”

The frisbee retails at £2.50 and 50p of this will be donated to MCS.