Big Bags recycled back into Big Bags by recyclers and machinery suppliers


LC Packaging, PET Recycling Team (PRT), Starlinger and Velebit have worked together to recycle Big Bags in a closed-loop system.

Used by ALPLA Group subsidiary PET Recycling Team, these Big Bags were used to transport recyclate.


The companies worked together to find a solution for the food-contact Big Bags that are used to transport and store recycled PET granulate.

Once the bags are emptied, they are sent to Velebit Recycling’s facility where Starlinger technology turns them into post-consumer recycled polypropylene granulate. This is then sent to Dutch-Bangla Pack, which is LC Packaging’s production location in Bangladesh, where this granulate uses Starling’s extrusion technology. The Big Bags have 30% recycled content as a result.

PET Recycling Team W├Âllersdorf plant manager Christian Hude-Burian said: “With this solution, we achieve a significant reduction in waste, since used Big Bags are now turned into new Big Bags that we can use again for our purposes. This helps us to save natural resources and reduce our CO2 emissions.”