Germany’s GreenDot and Italy’s Synextra to work together to source feedstock for high quality mechanical and chemical recycling


German extended producer responsibility scheme GreenDot and Italian plastic recycling company Synextra have announced a strategic partnership to source plastic feedstock.

This plastic will be used in high quality mechanical and chemical recycling facilities.


The companies will look to recycle the widest possible range of plastic waste, focusing on those in particular that are not suitable for mechanical recycling. Instead, they will look at a wide range of both mechanical and chemical recycling solutions.

GreenDot Group chief executive Laurent Auguste said: “Together with Synextra, GreenDot is looking forward to continuing closing the loop for difficult to recycle plastics packaging. Jointly, we will accelerate the development of our activities in sorting and improving quality plastics recycling at scale.

“GreenDot is executing its development plan as planned, which includes being present and developing recycling plants in Europe’s major economies, based on a vertical integration from feedstock preparation to recycling.”

Synextra chief executive Fabio Mosca added: “Synextra has developed expertise over the past several years in plastic waste sorting, mechanical recycling and supplying feedstock to chemical recycling plants. Synextra is currently supplying some of the largest plants under operation in Europe. Accessing and integrating this experience and expertise of Synextra within GreenDot enables both companies to accelerate the circular economy development.”