BMW plans to use 100% recycled expanded polypropylene packaging if trial successful


Automotive manufacturer BMW has said it intends to use 100% recycled expanded polypropylene (EPP) packaging from 2024.

Currently, the company uses EPP in special containers that are shaped around components. It uses 360,000 of these each year, and they contain 25% recycled material.


But pilot schemes are underway to use 100% content in these, and if successful, will be rolled out in full in 2024.

The company also said that its European plants will use more recycled content in its packaging, and that in newly awarded contracts, it will increase its recycled content criteria from 20% to over 35%.

But in order to cut its carbon impact, it will also look at alternative sustainable materials, reduce single-use packaging, introduce lightweight packaging and reduce transport volumes.

BMW is also investigating bio-based plastics to replace oil-based sources of PE and PP.

It is additionally looking into whether plastics from household appliances can be used in its packaging.

BMW head of group production network and logistics Michael Nikolaides said: “Our ‘re:think, re:duce, re:use, re:cycle’ approach is being implemented consistently in packaging logistics, too.

“We’re using innovative strategies to consistently reduce the volume of resources we use, thus reducing our carbon footprint.”